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Myst Studio 7.0.0-rc11

David Tran



See the release notes from 6.7.4 for more information on usage.

  • FC-6581 - (FC-6008) Security policies can now be applied directly to uniform distributed queues and topics for all available operations.
  • FC-6715 - (FC-6008) Added support for 'Migratable Targets' under WebLogic Domain Configuration > Migratable Targets.
  • FC-6715 - (FC-6008) Server migration policy can now be configured for individual clusters.
  • FC-6715 - (FC-6008) Security policies can now be configured for individual servers to restrict individual operations.
  • FC-5996 - [#27196] - 'Delivery-Mode-Override' is now supported in Queues (and was already supported in Topics)
  • FC-6729 - [#27196] - Added 'Message Logging' for JMS distributed queues and topics
  • FC-6581 - [#19006] - Moved JMS Module resources security policies from 'Global Variables' to 'Message Configuration'. Tick 'Show advanced properties'
  • FC-6716 - [#386050] - Fixed a bug when setting userpassword on Bridged Destinations resulting in provisioning failure


  • FC-6706 - [#400204] - OPatch has been improved with sorting algorithms to handle dependencies particularly for uninstalling/installing old and new CPU patches
  • FC-6695 - [#400179] - Improved OPatch support where patches (eg. overlay) contains a subdirectory different to the patch ID. Use 'Show advanced properties' in the Platform Editor to see 'Execution Sub Path'.
FC-6695 - [#400179] - Execution Sub Path


  • FC-6616 - [#43366] - Added support for WLS Console 'Security Realms > myrealm > Roles and Policies > Realm Policies > JMX Policy Editor'
  • FC-6723 - Improved myst-config-plan to update xquery. For example, an xquery can be replaced with the a property in the Myst stream model or say a service account

Bug Fixes

NodeID Issues

  • FC-6535 - [#386165] - Fixed a longstanding issue where 10+ nodes resulted in a mixture IDs between the Blueprint and Model
  • FC-6636 - [#400107] - Fixed certain cases where managed server IDs between Blueprint and Model were different resulting in no inheritance. Note: After upgrading the affected managed servers' ID will align. As a result you may need to update any property references. Thanks Jawed!


  • FC-6587 - Fixed a regression from FC-6537 where artifacts could not be deleted from an Application Blueprint
  • FC-6660 - [#400157] - Fixed an NPE regression when running actions against non-SOA platform instance
  • FC-6619 - [#386212] - Significant improvements to fix regressions with Application Blueprint pagination. A local cache is now used which is expected to improve performance and reduce regressions. Thanks Sreekanth!
  • FC-6668 - [#400160] - Fixed Network Channel 'Outbound Enabled' not applying


Click the '?' icon on the Myst property for a description and examples.

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