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Myst Studio 6.7.4

Kevin Powe


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  • FC-6719 - [#43366] - Added support for configuring WLS Admin Console 'Security Realms > myrealm > Use Authorization Providers to Protect JMX Access'. See 'Security Configuration' in the Platform Editor.
FC-6719 Protect JMX Access
  • FC-5996 - [#27196] - 'Delivery-Mode-Override' is now supported in Queues (and was already supported in Topics)
FC-5996 Delivery Mode Override
  • FC-6581 - [#19006] - Applying using Myst security action. Moved JMS Module resources security policies from 'Global Variables' to 'Message Configuration'. Tick 'Show advanced properties'
FC-6581 Delivery-Mode-Override
  • FC-6008 - [#43366] Added support for 'Migratable Targets' under WebLogic Domain Configuration > Migratable Targets
FC-6008 Migratable Targets
  • FC-6616 - [#43366] - Applying using Myst security action. Added support for WLS Console 'Security Realms > myrealm > Roles and Policies > Realm Policies > JMX Policy Editor'. Find the editor under 'Security Configuration' in the Platform Editor.

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6716 - [#386050] - Fixed a bug when setting userpassword on Bridged Destinations resulting in provisioning failure

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