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Myst Studio 6.6.0-rc15

David Tran

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6494 - Fixed ODI agent set up when OHS is in front of the domain to load balance
  • FC-6485 - [#386120] - Fixed Generate New API Key error which sent users back to the login page
  • FC-6488 - [#386122] - Fixed deployment action results in error 'data integrity violation' after deployment completes
  • FC-6490 - Fixed ODI deployments when using cipher parameter
  • FC-6493 - Fixed ODL OHS logging when configuring two or more nodes


See the majority of improvements which were in the previous release of 6.6.0-rc13.

Known Issues

We are looking to resolve these issues in a future hotfix.

Platform Model Unexpected Automatic Update

Platform Models are automatically and unexpectedly updated by Myst under the following conditions.

  • Release Pipeline stream's behaviour is set to Update a blueprint
  • Release Pipeline stage's deploy scheme is set to Automatic deployments
  • (Trigger) A new revision is created in the platform model (i.e. A user saves and commits a platform model change).
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