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Myst Studio 6.6.0-rc13

David Tran

Toggle Centralized Logging

Need logs stored in a centralised location? Myst supports centralized logging for:

  • OHS error log
  • Domain, AdminServer and Managed Server .log, .out, -diagnostic.log
  • Domain, AdminServer, and Managed Server log rotation properties
  • NodeManager
  • ODI agent

Want other types of logs centralized? Let us know in the Myst Support portal.

Centralised logging support

Toggle AppDynamics Monitoring for WebLogic

We recently worked with a customer to automate the configuration of the AppDynamics monitoring agent into WebLogic and have left the discussion open to other monitoring tools.


Want other monitoring tools added? Let us know in the Myst Support portal.

AppDynamics monitoring configuration in WebLogic

Jenkinsfile support in Myst Plugin

We've added support for Jenkinsfile! Upgrade the Jenkins Myst plugin and go to the Snippet Generator to see the pipeline script syntax.

mystPlugin pomFileOverride: '', postBuildStatus: true

Jenkinsfile support

Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCaC) in Myst Plugin

We also added Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCAC) if you wanted to automate Jenkins configuration.

dryRun: false
mystStudioAPIKey: "abcdefg123456"
mystStudioUrl: "http://web:8080"

Several new improvements and bug fixes

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6324 - [#386004] - Fixed a bug where the Platform Blueprint upgrade wizard would not allow upgrading blueprints created in 5.x.x. Users with 5.x.x blueprints must select a Product Catalog when upgrading.
    FC-6442 - [#386072] - Fixed a bug where Myst correctly applies database persistence for users with database persistence set in OFMW and
  • FC-5409 - [#1183] - Fixed provision failure when the WeblogicPluginEnabled (domain level) was set
  • FC-6414 - [#386061] - Added to catalog so it is selectable in the dropdown (so users don't need to select RAW and enter the version).
  • FC-6350 - [#386021] - Fixed a bug where users could not delete hosts from Infrastructure Provider because Myst would incorrectly check if hosts were in use
  • FC-6429 - Fixed a bug where honorOMF dataload schema password uses db-sys-password but should use db-password
  • FC-6441 - AWS RDS fix. Fixed a bug where the db sys role was being passed to AWS RDS causing drop-db-sessions to fail.
  • FC-6430 - Improved the SOA composite deployments to use the frontend https address when http is undefined
  • FC-6431 - Fixed the 'null' value in Myst Maven product home directory


  • FC-6346 - [#386020] - Added support for PinnedToThread for JDBC datasources
  • FC-6398 - [#386053] - Added an option to remove an artifact from all application blueprints
  • FC-6435 - [#385935] - Fixed 'Duplicate key in DataBagEntryEntity' in Release Pipelines
  • FC-6326 - [#386009] - Added two new parameters to the RCU product when OFMW database persistence (WLSDSTORE) is used. You can now select 'Oracle anaged DATAFILE' and update 'tablespace arguments' if necessary.
    FC-6356 - Improved expired Myst licence message to redirect to Myst Support and Myst Licence
  • FC-6467 - Added support for AppDynamics monitoring in JVM startup arguments. This is enabled by `core.product[weblogic].param[monitoring-tool]=appdynamics`
    FC-6479 - Improved support for ODI deployments with artifact metadata properties `export-key` and `import-without-cipher-data`
  • FC-6352 - Added mandatory field indicator to 'Control > Custom Action' UI
  • FC-6484 - Added improvement in Myst Jenkins Plugin and Transport JAR for versioning with a quantifier. Eg. `1.0.1-rc-21` will be added to Myst as `version 1.0.1-rc` and `build 21`.
  • FC-6483 - Add support to Human Workflow Mailer using SOA product param `core.product[soa].param[hwf-mailer-` and running `configure-soa`
    FC-6433 - Improved ODI agent creation to handle frontend-id
  • FC-6289 - AWS on-demand provider improvements to auto-generated platform model name to `[PREFIX].[MODEL].[ENV].[NODE]` AWS on-demand provider added to Myst cloud AWS on-demand ec2 instances (associated to platform instances) can be stopped and started
  • FC-6423 - Automated creation and app startup of the oraclediagent (ODI). Can now be both created and started using the 'register-odi-agents' action.
    FC-6284 - Added an option for EBS volume DeleteOnTermination for AWS on-demand provider
  • FC-6436 - Myst can now use its own java version using a global variable. Define the absolute path to the java binary. ``
    FC-6444 - Added support for passing java arguments to myst cli. Use a global variable: `myst.opts=-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m`. The default arguments are used if undefined.
  • FC-6455 - Added Jenkinsfile support for the myst plugin Added Jenkins configure as code (JCaC) support for the myst plugin Support for pomFileOverride in cases when using a workflowjob and the Jenkinsfile plugin (and you want to customise which POM file to discover)
    FC-6432 - Added support for centralised logging `core.product[weblogic].param[log-centralised-directory]=/u01/app/logs/`
  • FC-6432 - Added support for cloudwatch style centralised logging by using `core.product[weblogic].param[log-centralised-type]=cloudwatch`
  • FC-6457 - Removed load balancers being associated to ODI agent during the register-odi-agents action


  • FC-6454 - [#386092] - Added support for Axway 7.7. Special thanks to Jason Kriese for providing the critical improvements to add support.

Known Issues

We are looking to resolve these issues in a future hotfix.

Generate API Key Error

The generate API key returns users back to the login page. For now it's advisable not to clear your API key.

Platform Model Unexpected Automatic Update

Platform Models are automatically and unexpectedly updated by Myst under the following conditions.

  • Release Pipeline stream's behaviour is set to Update a blueprint
  • Release Pipeline stage's deploy scheme is set to Automatic deployments
  • (Trigger) A new revision is created in the platform model (i.e. A user saves and commits a platform model change).
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