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Myst Studio 6.6.0-rc10

Dileep Udattu

Improvements for ODI 12.1.3

  • FC-6379 - ODI 12.1.3 provisioning is supported
  • FC-6409 - ODI 12.1.3 deployment is supported. See supported artifacts for artifact details.
  • FC-6412 - SOA/OSB/*ESS 12.1.3 provisioning (RCU) is supported on Amazon RDS databases.


If using WLSDStore then an change to the Oracle Repository Creation Utility is required in Myst.


*ESS 12.1.3 on Amazon RDS

ESS is also supported however, requires a sql (ESS schema drop) script to be executed by Myst. If you're one of the lucky users under this scenario then add a system artifact to your Platform Blueprint.

A System Artifact needs to be added to run the drop-ess script.


A Global Variable needs to be added for the location of sqlplus.


Known Issues

We are looking to resolve these issues in a future release candidate.

Platform Model Unexpected Automatic Update

Platform Models are automatically and unexpectedly updated by Myst under the following conditions.

  • Release Pipeline stream's behaviour is set to Update a blueprint
  • Release Pipeline stage's deploy scheme is set to Automatic deployments
  • (Trigger) A new revision is created in the platform model (ie. A user saves and commits a platform model change).
Unable to Access Terminated Platform Models

Platform Models that are in a TERMINATED state will not open and return an error. This issue was identified with a particular customer. We are yet to see this occur on other datasets. A fix will be released in a future release candidate.

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