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Myst Studio 6.6.0-rc10

Added support for ODI 12.1.3 provisioning and deployments and support for SOA/OSB/ESS 12.1.3 provisioning (RCU) on Amazon RDS databases.

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What's required to configure a VIP with an Admin Server and perform a failover?

As part of the Enterprise Deployment Guide (EDG) Oracle recommend using a virtual IP (VIP) for the admin server. This article explains the steps to setup a VIP and failover the admin server (collocated). There is no need to create a new compute node for the admin server. Compute nodes in MyST are represented as physical servers.

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How do I use MyST to copy files to a host

MyST supports the coping of the KeyStore files, archive binaries or other files into Linux host via two options.

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