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Myst Studio 7.0.0-rc6

Sai Sharath Maale


  • FC-6653 - Improved autoscaling so is created on shared storage instead of each node.
  • FC-6646 - [#400140] - Added support for custom attributes for usernames when integration with Active Directory (AD). Thanks Fred!
  • FC-6656 - Added Active Directory support to use any attribute for usernames and added a 'Retrieve Username as Principal' option in addition to FC-6646

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6626 - [#400126] - Fixed some invalid tooltips. Thanks Egbert!
  • FC-6598 - You can now *override* the Platform Model/Instance current revision. This option is useful for those using the reprovision with 'environment already provisioned'.
  • FC-6649 - [#400145] - Fixed a bug where Four Eyes Principle does not support pipelines with two or more Production environments.
  • FC-6633 - Significantly improved response times of the Artifacts page by temporarily removing columns Version, Build #, and Blueprint. The information can still be seen by clicking on individual artifacts.
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