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Myst Studio 7.0.0-rc5

David Tran


  • FC-6629 - Improved autoscaling support so Myst skips tmp dir removal
  • FC-6629 - Reduced SSH connection timeout from 600 seconds to 30 seconds

Bug Fixes

FC-6573 Regressions

  • FC-6632 - [#400133] - Fixed a major bug where some Application Blueprints could not be opened (Thanks Egbert)
  • FC-6628 - [#400131] - Fixed a major bug where non-admin users experienced long response times viewing Artifacts and Application Blueprints
  • FC-6631 - Restored myst api user access (Thanks Rob)

Other Fixes

  • FC-6625 - Fixed a bug with autoscaling where start nodemanager would not action for all nodes

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