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Myst Studio 7.0.0-rc4

Sai Sharath Maale


  • FC-6564 - [#386197] - Added support for a browser idle timeout which is configurable between 5 and 90 minutes
  • FC-6573 - [#386198] - Fixed users seeing resources in all workspaces

Active Directory

  • FC-6594 - Added support for users & groups filtering
  • FC-6591 - Fixed a bug where duplicate users from AD and Myst prevented the user logging in
  • FC-6593 - Fixed a bug where the AD Provider once initially saved, could not be updated ever again
  • FC-6592 - Removed unnecessary mandatory fields for AD users (in Myst)
  • FC-6603 - New users added to AD will automatically sync to Myst during login as Myst users and roles
  • FC-6614 - Added a Secure (SSL) checkbox for LDAPS protocol

Artifact Publishing to Myst

  • FC-6602 - Added support for publishing artifacts to a non-default workspace. If unspecified the default workspace is used. See Supported Artifacts for more information.



  <!-- Multiple Workspaces




Note: Myst Jenkins Plugin or Transport JAR must be updated. See Releases section.


  • FC-6617 - The deploy-artifacts script (used for copying files and libraries) now supports autoscaling use cases where hosts could be unavailable due to scaling use cases

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