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MyST Studio 6.6.0-rc6

David Tran


  • FC-6220 - support for SOA (B2B, BAM, ESS, MFT, WSM), OSB, ADF, EDQ, WebLogic. Support for more products will come soon.
  • FC-6209 - Added UI to view the myst master key (admins only) from the Administration link
  • FC-5993 - [#19003] - Extended audit record with RESOURCE name
  • FC-6255 - Add support for SAML2Asserter WebLogic authentication provider
  • FC-6211 - Improved the handling of the master key when it does not exist or failing due to EOL and white spaces characters
  • FC-6226 - [#385929] - Significantly improved response time when deleting a property from the artifact property registry from several minutes down to one second

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6206 - [#385915] - Fixed regression caused by FC-5578 where environments with a SOA product (eg. OSB/WSM) resulted in an error running configure-soa as no soa-infra exists

Known Issues

  • The behaviour of OHS has changed compared to previous versions which now fails to start with an SSL ‘wallet’ error if the default wallet does not exist. This results in a failure when provisioning OHS A fix is underway and released in 6.6.0-rc7.

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