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MyST Studio 6.6.0-rc4

David Tran

Performance Improvements

  • FC-6216 - 20-30% overall performance (response time) improvement by removing excessive db calls caused by logging
  • FC-6208 - [#385838] - 20% performance (response time) improvement for the release pipeline dashboard refresh that occurs after a deployment
  • FC-6181 - 10-20% performance (response time) improvement by when activating release pipelines

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5558 - [#1227] - Deployments where no-op is expected should now function correctly reducing unnecessary SSH connections from MyST
  • FC-6221 - [#385921] - Fixed a regression from 6.6.0-rc2 where Studio upgrades the CLI agent even if it’s the same version
  • FC-6229 - Fixed a regression from 6.6.0-rc3 where loading platform instance action history from the release pipeline fails


  • FC-6219 - [#1631] - Hostname and ID fixes and improvements to the provisioning. Credit and thanks to Luiz (LG).

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