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MyST Studio 6.6.0-rc2

David Tran

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5995 - Fixed a bug where myst deleted the SSH key pair too early (i.e after reloading the classpath) resulting in an authentication error
  • FC-6015 - Improved the liquibase upgrade to support mysql 5.6.x preventing the ‘max key length is 767’ error
  • FC-6006 - Fixed a regression where running CLI directly failed accessing the (recent) security improvement’s encryption key. Studio was unaffected.


As of 6.6.0-rc2 a security enhancement was made to how Myst encrypts passwords. A random generated salt (myststudio_web:/opt/myst/conf/data/key) is used to hash passwords.

Ensure the contents of this file is stored safely. Passwords hashed using the salt cannot be recovered if the salt is lost. If this happens then passwords would need to be re-entered with a new salt.

For more information visit the Myst Security documentation.

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