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MyST Studio 6.4.0

David Tran

New Features

  • FC-5276 - MyST will now email notify Release Pipeline participants on approval steps
  • FC-5352/FC-5583 - Platform Blueprint editor enhancements
  • Managed Servers are now allowed to be defined in Platform Blueprints so that repeated configuration can be avoided within the Platform Models. The reduced configuration overhead saves time and reduces the risk of making mistakes.
  • Vertical scaling is now supported for vanilla WebLogic Managed Servers. This means that on a single host and within a cluster there can be multiple Managed Servers.
  • Additional vanilla WebLogic Managed Servers and Machines can now be manually added directly within Platform Blueprints after the wizard has completed.
  • FC-5267 - Axway API Gateway automated platform provisioning support
  • FC-5628 - Lifecycle Management for Axway: Start, Stop, Restart, Terminate


  • FC-5354 - When doing a Bulk Edit in the Blueprint/Model an auto-save is now performed to prevent an accidental loss of properties when a user navigating away from the component view
  • FC-5376 - Resolved the unwarranted display of safe warn messages in the log that were causing undue alarm
  • FC-5464 - Platform Instance will now display more than 15 pending actions
  • FC-5390 - Platform Blueprints can now be created for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c with the Oracle Webtier fronting the inbound requests
  • FC-5048 - It is now possible to target a Foreign Server to a Sub-deployment under Messaging Configuration.
  • FC-5250 - MyST now allows for a Custom Product Catalog when defining a Platform Blueprint. This is useful when needing to extend MyST to support a target deployment environment that is not already supported out-of-the-box. When used in combination with the Deployment SDK, this feature allows Application Release Automation for any type of change be it on-prem/cloud, oracle/non-oracle, infra/app etc.
  • FC-5266 - A new script is provided to allow for easily generating a minified and redacted copy of user data in the case of raising a MyST support ticket.
  • FC-5398 - Managed Server original name has been set to read-only as it should never need to be changed by the end user.
  • FC-5298 - Infrastructure Provider SSH connection tests can be run without having to first save the host details
  • FC-5415 - Security Provider now supports Max Group Membership Search Level, Max Group Hierarchies In Cache, and Group Hierarchy Cache TTL
  • FC-5565 - Server groups for Managed Servers can now be defined in the Platform Blueprint
  • FC-5582 - Reintroduce pre-6.2.0 support for deployment of application configuration, WSM policies and OSB custom xpath libraries
  • FC-5590 - The JNDI name is marked as mandatory for JCA Adapters
  • FC-5621 - Connection Factory Interface is auto-calculated for each given JCA Adapter type when it is saved
  • FC-5664 - Integration Cloud Deployment Automatic Retry
  • FC-5630 - Security Enhancements for Axway Provisioning
  • FC-5629 - Axway Reprovisioning without needing to do a Terminate first
  • FC-4695 - Deployment will halt if MyST Configuration Plan is set but does not exist (unless ignore-missing-myst-config-plan=true)
  • FC-5684 - Addressed an issue with Axway termination in 6.4.0-rc8

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5462 - Addressed an issue with the security action when there is another provider which returns more than 1000 results
  • FC-5537 - Addressed an issue caused by FC-5250 which lead to a deployment failure in the pre-validation connectivity check
  • FC-5494 - Fixed an issue with Deploy SDK and OIC/PCS/ICS deploys being unable to use an embedded settings.xml from the CDP
  • FC-5473 - Fixed an issue where MyST agent was creating world readable log files in some instances
  • FC-5298 - Infrastructure Provider SSH connection tests now work with SSH keys
  • FC-5540 - MyST configure-wcc action no longer assumes server names and machine IDs are always sorted in same order.
  • FC-5583 - Fixed issue where it was not possible to have a standalone admin server for a purely vanilla WebLogic domain.
  • FC-5588 - Fixed a false positive for managed server arguments in a check for drift. This happened occasionally after an introspection of complex arguments.
  • FC-5576 - Resolved a 6.3.0 regression which impacted the connectivity between MyST CLI and MyST Studio
  • FC-5643 - Resolved introspection issue introduced on prior 6.4 release candidate
  • FC-5643 - Resolved regression in SSH functionality during pack/unpack for advanced cipher settings
  • FC-5592 - Resolved a defect related to Global Transaction Support for JCA Adapters
  • FC-5322 - Resolved an issue where certain OSB customisation file names did not work

Breaking Changes to Oracle Cloud APIs

  • FC-5652 - Fixed issue in OIC connection retrieval caused by a breaking change to the API on Oracle’s side


As of 6.4.0, MyST configuration plan is enabled by default for deployments.

To retain the previous behaviour, in the pom.xml set ignore-missing-myst-config-plan=true or disable apply explictly with myst-config-plan-apply=false

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