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MyST Studio 6.2.2

David Tran


  • FC-5211 - Deployed Artifacts can now be viewed against a given Platform Instance. Previously, this was only possible to see within a Release Pipeline Stage.
  • FC-5212 - For each currently deployed artifact, it now shows the user that did the deployment and the date/timestamp.
  • FC-5247 - Improved performance of stream model editing in a case where there is a large number of properties
  • FC-5215 - Artifacts that have changed in a given release are now highlighted.

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5331 - Fixed an issue introduced in 6.2.0 where pipelines that were locked prior to a shutdown were no longer being unlocked when the server restarted
  • FC-5148 - SSL is now correctly configured for WebTier version 12.2.x
  • FC-4984 - MyST now displays an error message if invalid characters are used in a user password
  • FC-5269 - Resolved an issue where artifact introspection was erroneously introspecting values from the pom.xml such as project.basedir
  • FC-5320 - Fixed issue where a non-admin user was being directed to the login screen when downloading support artifacts from the platform instance action history dialog

Known Issues

Affects MyST running on HTTPS and results in users no longer being able to log into MyST Studio. After upgrading and going to the MyST Studio URL a MYST0000 - Service Unavailable error is displayed. This can be resolved by an upgrade to 6.2.3 or by adjusting the Nginx configuration.

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