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MyST Studio 6.2.1

David Tran

New Features

  • FC-5179 - MyST Studio now supports the creation of OES configurations and will provision an OES domain automatically from an OES model.


  • FC-4694 - MyST Studio now shows action histories in a paginated fashion, thereby improving the overall user experience and reducing response time considerably.

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5314 - Bug fix: Fixed a regression bug due to which non - administrator user of MyST Studio was denied of access to see the relevant part of the application.
  • FC-5235 - Bug fix: Fixed an issue due to which 11g environment was no longer showing hostnameVerificationIgnored property in the drift report since 6.x.
  • FC-5288 - Bug fix: Fixed an issue with FMW volume mounts for MyST Build Server that were introduced in 6.2.
  • FC-5304 - Bug fix: Fixed an issue due to which OPaaS deployment had stopped working in MyST Studio.
  • FC-5251 - Bug fix: Fixed an issue where all system components were being actioned irrespective of the node they were on even while explicitly limiting the action such as start / stop to run on only specific nodes.

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