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MyST Studio 6.2.0

David Tran


  • FC-5019 - Performance Improvements
  • Significant improvement to the response time for UI when listing Platform Blueprints, Platform Models, Platform Instances, Artifacts, Application Blueprints and Release Pipelines
  • Release Pipelines revision updates are now delivered through an event-driven architecture rather than a polling mechanism
  • FC-5257 - Installer Improvements
  • The MyST Jenkins Plugin and SDK Jar are now bundled in the MyST Build Server.
  • The MyST Build Server is now pulled from the Repository rather than being built from scratch.
  • FC-5261 - WebLogic domain templates can now be overriden in the platform configuration editor
  • FC-4962 - MyST now supports registration of multi-module maven projects where each sub-module is discovered and registered independently
  • FC-5220 - Made a few properties such as passwords and listen addresses editable even at the blueprint level but in advanced mode.
  • FC-4878 - Error messages are displayed when a non-administrative user tries to kick off any of the deployment actions and the deployer role is not set for the pipeline stage.
  • FC-5217 - MyST now supports copying of Global Variable property references for use in other parts of the Blueprint or Model
  • FC-5111 - Improved usability of custom action selection screen

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5246 - Fixed an issue where the run-as user configuration for the MyST agent remote SSH access does not work when the remote workspace location is not accessible to the actual SSH user.
  • FC-5263 - Fixed an issue where introspection was failing when log configuration was set for the admin server
  • FC-5260 - Fixed an issue where the selected compute definition was not getting applied to all the compute groups when creating a blueprint through introspection
  • FC-5262 - Fixed an issue where MyST Studio was not starting up without having an access to internet.
  • FC-5230 - Fixed an issue where MyST was not allowing addition or removal of ABPs from a release pipeline without having to deactivate first
  • FC-5268 - Fixed an issue where Service Console was not showing up correctly in the summary when registering OPAAS instances

Known Issues

  • Fresh MyST Studio installs fail due to the 6.2.0 installer using latest mysql docker image.
  • Workaround is to update /opt/myst-studio/conf/docker-compose.yml:16 from mysql to mysql:5 for example:
    image: mysql:5
  • This issue does not affect existing users who are doing an
  • MyST Studio users under Role Based Access Control can no longer see Platform Models, Templates, and Instances.
  • There is currently no workaround unless you login as a user with System Administrator privileges

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