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Rubicon Red announces the launch of Myst Software

John Deeb

Rubicon Red announces the launch of Myst Software to support overseas growth

Brisbane, Australia / December 10, 2019 - Rubicon Red today announced the launch of Myst Software to continue the growth of the award winning DevOps technology. Myst, the product, has been helping customers accelerate their Oracle Middleware and Cloud DevOps practices since 2012. Originally used by Rubicon Red to accelerate provisioning complex Oracle SOA Suite implementations. The utility became a product in 2012 and has matured into one of the most comprehensive Oracle DevOps products on the market.

"The success of Myst across the globe has prompted us to launch Myst Software as a separate company to focus on overseas growth particularly in the US and European markets", says James Hemmings, Executive Director of Rubicon Red and now also Myst Software. "The creation of a separate business allows us to invest in a growth strategy that is specific to the target market for Myst which are customers running Oracle Middleware and Cloud Platform Services. Oracle customers continue to seek better ways to manage their Middleware and Cloud environments. Myst is a proven DevOps platform designed specifically for Oracle customers."

“Oracle customers continue to seek better ways to manage their Middleware and Cloud environments. Myst is a proven DevOps platform designed specifically for Oracle customers.”

Alongside the announcement of Myst Software is the launch of a new website ( that showcases the product features and benefits of Myst especially to customers looking to migrate their current Oracle technologies to the cloud. Myst can be used to reduce the migration by an order of magnitude. Customers can sign up for a trial of Myst or request a personal demo via the new website.

Rubicon Red and Myst Software will continue to work closely together as both companies remain committed to leveraging automation in DevOps to speed the delivery of projects for customers. The leadership of both companies remains the same with the introduction of Alistair Palmer as a fourth director of Myst Software. Alistair is the General Manager of Myst Software and is responsible for the running of the business including sales, product and operations.

About Rubicon Red

Rubicon Red believe digital technology provides the catalyst to re-imagine what’s possible and continuously innovate to transform businesses. Our mission is to help our customers ‘cross the Rubicon’ by transforming the way digital solutions are delivered, to achieve rapid results through continuous innovation in a low risk and cost-effective way. For more information, visit

About Myst Software

Myst Software delivers intelligent DevOps for Oracle customers. Myst can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and is currently used by some of Oracle’s largest customers across banking, manufacturing, retail, logistics and telecommunications to automate all aspects of the release management life cycle for Oracle products and services, visit

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