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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Classic to Gen2 with Myst

Alistair Palmer

Simplify the migration from OCI Classic to OCI

Introducing support for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Provider inside MyST to make migrating to OCI simple.


Design your OCI Platform

Provide your Oracle Cloud Credentials and select the Region. Let Myst take care of the rest. Myst asks you to provide the following metadata:

  1. A logical name for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provider
  2. Region
  3. Tenancy OCID
  4. User OCID
  5. Populate 1 or more Key Pairs
Model the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure metadata to accelerate OCI Gen2 provisioning

Further, Myst also provides an out of the box SOA Cloud Service template. This will help to standardize your SOA Cloud Service instances as well as accelerating provisioning an OCI based SOA Cloud Service.


Upgrade your Classic SOA Cloud Service to OCI

Don't rely on scripts and manual changes. With Myst you can quickly provision OCI compute, network, database and storage all from the one blueprint. Myst also provisions SOA Cloud Service on the newly provisioned cloud infrastructure. Here is a brief list of everything that is created under the covers:

  1. Compartments
  2. VCN
  3. Internet and NAT Gateway
  4. Route tables
  5. Subnets
  6. Security lists and firewall rules
  7. Compute Instance
  8. Database Instance

Learn move about the high level process and some of the key considerations such as migrating your configuration, or upgrading and redeploying SOA composites on the Oracle Blog at

Photo by Alistair MacRobert on Unsplash

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