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Myst Studio 7.0.0-rc9

Alistair Palmer

Security Improvements

  • FC-6720 - Upgraded to log4j2 and removed log4j1

General Improvements

  • FC-6644 - [#400133] - Improved login response time when using users in LDAP
  • FC-6522 - [#386155] - Added support for WebLogic 14.1.1 (14c)
  • FC-6710 - Fixed logic of Myst sql scripts missing WLSDSTORE for 19c+ databases

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6733 - [#400242] - Fixed a bug where targets could not be assigned to JMS Message Bridges. Thanks Fred!
  • FC-6722 - [#400226] - The 'sys' db user is now case insensitive. Thanks Brad!
  • FC-6707 - [#400210] - Added support for sql character-set. Thanks Egbert!
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