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Myst Studio 7.0.0

David Tran


As a recognition of two years effort we have created a video for the 7.0.0 release where highlights can be visualized.

Release Notes

Cummulative release notes from 7.0.0-rc1 to 7.0.0-rc12.


Active Directory

Active Directory

  • FC-6594 - Added support for users & groups filtering
  • FC-6591 - Fixed a bug where duplicate users from AD and Myst prevented the user logging in
  • FC-6593 - Fixed a bug where the AD Provider once initially saved, could not be updated ever again
  • FC-6592 - Removed unnecessary mandatory fields for AD users (in Myst)
  • FC-6603 - New users added to AD will automatically sync to Myst during login as Myst users and roles
  • FC-6614 - Added a Secure (SSL) checkbox for LDAPS protocol


  • FC-6720 - Upgraded to log4j2 and removed log4j1
  • FC-6564 - [#386197] - Added support for a browser idle timeout which is configurable between 5 and 90 minutes
  • FC-6573 - [#386198] - Fixed users seeing resources in all workspaces
  • FC-6595 - Fixed a security flaw that allowed Myst users to sometimes incorrectly authenticate
  • FC-6286 - Added support to integrate LDAP to populate users with Myst Studio Role Based Access Control
  • FC-6377 - [#386042] - The myst-studio docker image uses the latest version of Tomcat 8.5 and JDK8 on each release
  • FC-6305 - [#385972] - Four Eyes Principle is a toggle feature for Release Pipelines which prevents the same user from approving/deploying the same release in non-prod to prod
  • FC-6495 - Stopped browsers from autofilling username/passwords particularly for private key alias and passphrase properties in the Platform Editor which resulted in unexpected and incorrect data when saving


  • FC-6581 - (FC-6008) Security policies can now be applied directly to uniform distributed queues and topics for all available operations.
  • FC-6715 - (FC-6008) Added support for 'Migratable Targets' under WebLogic Domain Configuration > Migratable Targets.
  • FC-6715 - (FC-6008) Server migration policy can now be configured for individual clusters.
  • FC-6715 - (FC-6008) Security policies can now be configured for individual servers to restrict individual operations.
  • FC-5996 - [#27196] - 'Delivery-Mode-Override' is now supported in Queues (and was already supported in Topics)
  • FC-6729 - [#27196] - Added 'Message Logging' for JMS distributed queues and topics
  • FC-6581 - [#19006] - Moved JMS Module resources security policies from 'Global Variables' to 'Message Configuration'. Tick 'Show advanced properties'
  • FC-6716 - [#386050] - Fixed a bug when setting userpassword on Bridged Destinations resulting in provisioning failure


  • FC-6706 - [#400204] - OPatch has been improved with sorting algorithms to handle dependencies particularly for uninstalling/installing old and new CPU patches
  • FC-6695 - [#400179] - Improved OPatch support where patches (eg. overlay) contains a subdirectory different to the patch ID. Use 'Show advanced properties' in the Platform Editor to see 'Execution Sub Path'.


  • FC-6644 - [#400133] - Improved login response time when using users in LDAP
  • FC-6522 - [#386155] - Added support for WebLogic 14.1.1 (14c)
  • FC-6710 - Fixed logic of Myst sql scripts missing WLSDSTORE for 19c+ databases
  • FC-6215 - [#386216] - Added support for domain level 'Invocation Timeout Seconds'
  • FC-6648 - [#400142] - Added 'Custom Hostname Verifier' and 'Hostname Verification Ignored' options under Servers > Configuration > SSL > Advanced
  • FC-6677 - Updated jsch library to current latest to improve security and resolve 'Algorithm negotiation fail' errors
  • FC-6653 - Improved autoscaling so is created on shared storage instead of each node.
  • FC-6646 - [#400140] - Added support for custom attributes for usernames when integration with Active Directory (AD). Thanks Fred!
  • FC-6656 - Added support to use any attribute for usernames and added a 'Retrieve Username as Principal' option in addition to FC-6646
  • FC-6629 - Improved autoscaling support so Myst skips tmp dir removal Reduced SSH connection timeout from 600 seconds to 30 seconds
  • FC-6617 - The deploy-artifacts script (used for copying files and libraries) now supports autoscaling use cases where hosts could be unavailable due to scaling
  • use cases
  • FC-6578 - [#386169] - Users can add a parameter in the Maven product `core.product[maven].param[custom-arguments]` and provide any maven argument(s) for the Myst 'download-deploy-artifacts' phase.
  • FC-6537 - [#386212] - Significantly improved response time of Application Blueprint UI saving
  • FC-6007 - [#19006] - Added support for applying security policies to JMS Module resources. See 'JMS Security Policy definitions' in
  • FC-6342 - [#386017] - Added support for JMS Bridges
  • FC-6596 - Added MFT to the catalog
  • FC-6204 - [#385916] - Added support for Payload Validation property in Enterprise Manager
  • FC-6580 - [#386194] - Fixed another duplicate key in DataBagEntryEntity for Stream Model Properties
  • FC-6572 - In auto-scaling or scaled down scenarios (ssh.validation=false), Myst ignores errors starting NodeManagers and Managed Servers
  • FC-6570 - Added support for Oracle Commerce Platform 11.3.2 (formerly ATG)
  • FC-6421 - [#386046] - You can now bulk remove a Stage from all Release Pipelines
  • FC-6505 - [#386133] - Prevented special characters being used in Platform Blueprint versions which can sometimes cause errors
  • FC-6465 - [#386040] - Pagination is now supported for the Application Blueprint UI. Now we just need to improve response times for saving :)
  • FC-6204 - [#385916] - Added support for Payload Validation property in Enterprise Manager
  • FC-5025 - Platform Model editor now represents Blueprint property inheritance through coloring. Blue is inherited by the blueprint. White is overridden by the model. Red is a primary resource which only exists in the model (eg. JDBC DataSource).
  • FC-6616 - [#43366] - Added support for WLS Console 'Security Realms > myrealm > Roles and Policies > Realm Policies > JMX Policy Editor'

Artifact Publishing to Myst

  • FC-6602 - Added support for publishing artifacts to a non-default workspace. If unspecified the default workspace is used. `<properties><myst-workspace>myworkspace</myst-workspace></properties>`
  • Note: Myst Jenkins Plugin or Transport JAR must be updated


  • FC-6489 - [#386116] - Added support for Oracle Internet Directory (OID)

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6747 - Fixed a liquibase regression resulting in 6.6.8+ failing to upgrade to 7.0.0-rc11
  • FC-6737 - [#400255] - Added missing lo4j2 library for the Myst CLI installer
  • FC-6733 - [#400242] - Fixed a bug where targets could not be assigned to JMS Message Bridges. Thanks Fred!
  • FC-6722 - [#400226] - The 'sys' db user is now case insensitive. Thanks Brad!
  • FC-6707 - [#400210] - Added support for sql character-set. Thanks Egbert!
  • FC-6623 - Fixed a bug where the first workspace of a published artifact could no longer be changed
  • FC-6693 - Fixed a regression introduced in FC-6683 (7.0.0-rc7) in which we tried to fix a bug where 10+ compute nodes resulted in machines and manage servers were misaligned
  • FC-6664 - Improved error message for Workspace permission issues
  • FC-6547 - Temporarily disabled red colors in Platform Model editor due to inconsistencies
  • FC-6683 - Fixed a bug where enabling 'Natural Compute Node Ordering' in a Platform Model with 10+ compute nodes resulted in missing Managed Servers
  • FC-6626 - [#400126] - Fixed some invalid tooltips. Thanks Egbert!
  • FC-6598 - You can now *override* the Platform Model/Instance current revision. This option is useful for those using the reprovision with 'environment already provisioned'.
  • FC-6649 - [#400145] - Fixed a bug where Four Eyes Principle does not support pipelines with two or more Production environments. Thanks Rob!
  • FC-6633 - Significantly improved response times of the Artifacts page by temporarily removing columns Version, Build #, and Blueprint. The information can still be seen by clicking on individual artifacts.
  • FC-6631 - Fixed a regression caused by FC-6573 by restoring myst api user access
    FC-6625 - Fixed a bug with autoscaling where the start nodemanager action would not finish for all nodes
  • FC-6628 - [#400131] - Fixed a bug where non-admin Myst users experienced extremely long response times for Artifact and Application Blueprint pages
  • FC-6474 - [#386106] - JCA FileAdapter now supports multiple connection factory interfaces instead of defaulting to javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory
  • FC-6495 - Stopped browsers from autofilling username/passwords particularly for private key alias and passphrase properties in the Platform Editor
  • FC-6474 - [#386106] - JCA FileAdapter now supports multiple connection factory interfaces instead of defaulting to javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory
  • FC-6506 - [#386114] - JMS Time-to-Live-Override is now updated correctly
  • FC-6256 - [#385947] - A meaningful error is displayed when deleting a Model still associated with Release Pipelines

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