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MyST Studio 6.6.0-rc3

David Tran



  • FC-5878 - Search fields when adding artifacts to Application Blueprints will be in the order of Groud Id and Artifact Id
  • FC-5860 - Release Pipeline can now deselect the Pipeline Template
  • FC-5359 - Support for JMS Bridge Destinations under Messaging Configuration
  • FC-5778 - SOA 12c provisioning now executes configure-soa
  • FC-6127 - An ignore-osb.customization-file can be set in the pom.xml to ignore/fail on a missing OSB customization file. Defaults to true for backwards compatibility.
  • FC-5735 - Support for ‘Default Compression Threshold, Default Priority, Default Time-to-Live, Default Time-to-Deliver, Default Redelivery Delay, Send Timeout, Default Unit-of-Order for Producer’ in JMS Connection Factories
  • FC-5009 - Support for WebLogic log file name for domain/admin/managed servers’ general and http logs.
  • FC-5055 - Support for WebLogic log file RotationType (byTimebySize)
  • FC-5961 - Support for 18c database when WLSDSTORE is created during RCU action
  • FC-5577 - Support for JDBC XA Transaction Timeout and XA Retry Duration
  • FC-5625 - Support for JDBC ‘Init SQL’ and ‘XA Transaction Timeout’


  • FC-6136 - Improvement response time for activating a Release Pipeline. Code was updated to be more efficient and reduced unnecessary calls to the database.


  • FC-5516 - Reduced verbosity of the patch action which now silently unzips Oracle patch files
  • FC-5752 - Fixed patch action assuming patch directory inside is always NNNN
  • FC-5788 - Patch action now extracts to a random_id directory to allow patching simultaneously against two domains on the same host
  • FC-6052 - Added two new boolean flags for OFMW patching <patch>.clear.tmp and <patch>.clear.cache are used to delete the contents of managed_server_name/tmp/ and/or managed_server_name/cache/ after patching. An OFMW restart may be required. Ensure Oracle’s patch instructions are followed carefully.

Bug Fixes

  • FC-6047 - Reinstated search filter based on groups in Release Pipeline list view
  • FC-6142 - Fixed myst executable to use a forward slash instead of backslash when setting MYST_HOME. This regression was introduced in 6.6.0-rc2
  • FC-6013 - Fixed nodemanager failing to start when more than one java option (-D) was used
  • FC-5893 - Deleting a stage from a release pipeline which was previously activated no longer fails with an exception
  • FC-5939 - Platform Instance artifacts list shows deleted artifact as INACTIVE instead of returning an error
  • FC-5846 - Users can no longer approve/reject in release pipeline stages which are not part of their role
  • FC-6054 - Fixed an NPE when performing a Platform update from Pipelines with no Application Blueprint


  • FC-6185 - Significant rework of fixes and improvements to the Axway provisioning. Credit and thanks to Luiz (LG).

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