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MyST Studio 6.5.2

David Tran

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5962 - Fixed an error when opening stream model properties. This was a regression introduced in FC-5248 when adding role based access control for viewing stream model properties.
  • FC-5807 - Fixed a bug where where changing case sensitivity of a property resulted in a DataIntegrityConstraint error. This was most notable in JCA Adapters when changing the outbound connection property (eg. datasourcename to DataSourceName)
  • FC-5972 - Fixed an edge case where opening a stage’s stream model properties which resulted in a ‘Generic database exception’


Usability Enhancements

  • FC-5862 - Artifact properties can now be individually deleted

Oracle Fusion Middleware Enhancements

  • FC-5355 - Added support for SAF Topics under SAF Imported Destinations
  • FC-5964 - Added support for Human Workflow properties in soa mbeans. See MyST Help Center

Axway Provisioning

  • Added axway-provision-admin-ldap MyST action

Known Issues

  • In 6.5.0, 6.5.1, and 6.5.2 a regression was identified where the Release Pipeline dashboard view page load times increased significantly. The increa se is relative to the number of Stages configured in the pipeline. Each Stage will increase the total page load time by around 2-3 seconds. A fix is expected to be released in 6.6.0-rc1.

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