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MyST Studio 6.3.0

David Tran

New Features

  • FC-5243 - Artifact Retirement Support
  • Artifacts can now be retired from the Application Blueprint editor.
  • Retired Artifacts are undeployed when the Application Blueprint is promoted through stages of a Release Pipeline
  • FC-5153 - Oracle Communications Order and Service Management (OSM) 7.3.5 can now be provisioned with MyST


  • FC-5054 - Usability improvements to the Platform Instance Report
  • Topology View has been introduced
  • MyST Properties (aka name/value pairs) are now shown
  • Addressed an issue where some tables were rendering off the page in a case of long strings (FC-5345)
  • MyST Web is no longer required by customers
  • FC-5326 - Usability improvements to the Artifact Property Registry
  • Significant improvements to performance through pagination
  • The lesser used description has been moved from the default columns to free up space for the property name
  • FC-5336 - MyST now redirects to the originally queried URL after login in a case where the session has timed out.
  • FC-5278 - MyST now provides a REST API for querying artifact build metadata such as Git SHA.
  • FC-5319 - MyST now allows the deletion of blueprint versions as long as they are not associated with an existing Platform Model version.

Bug Fixes

  • FC-5340 - Addressed an issue where a new version of the Platform Blueprint could not be saved following a commit
  • FC-5389 - Fixed an issue where sub deployment could not be selected from the dropdown until saving after a JMS module is selected for a given topic/queue.
  • FC-5342 - Fixed an issue where the ‘run as user’ option could not be unset for a given infrastructure provider host.
  • FC-5383 - Addressed an issue where a WebCenter driver was not being set correctly.
  • FC-5265 - Fixed a regression where the value for oracle base was being incorrectly altered in the case of ExaLogic enablement.
  • FC-4488 - Addressed the issue with passphrases shown in MyST web properties. The solution is to use the new Platform Instance Report for MyST properties, instead of MyST web.
  • FC-5346 - Fixed an issue where long property values were causing the table to render outside of the box for the schedule, approve and deploy screens.
  • FC-5349 - Fixed an issue where Startup and Shutdown classes were not rendering correctly in the Platform Instance Report.

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